Counselling and it's Importance

 Why is Counselling important?
      Counselling is important because it gives you the opportunity to sort out a problem or issue that you’ve had trouble figuring out on your own. To give an example, many people visit a counsellor because they feel that they keep having the same problem “over and over” again. They feel stuck in a pattern and they want resources to do it differently.

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Here are some other reasons:
1.       Diagnosis. If you are struggling with a mental diagnosis, such as depression or anxiety, counselling can be incredibly helpful in teaching you skills and coping strategies.

2.      Review Patterns. Counselling can be a place for you to review your relationship patterns. Sometimes our relationship patterns can cause us great unhappiness, and this is a place for you to review why it is happening, and how to do things differently.

3.      Confidentiality. Therapy is a place to disclose in (utter) confidence (with a few exceptions) all of your most tightly-kept secrets. Your therapist is bound legally and trained professionally to hear your most vulnerable moments and thoughts. This can be a relief for some, as carrying these thoughts by yourself can be taxing.

4.      Skills. Counselling can help you improve skills such as Adult ADHD or communication. Some clients simply need education, resources and tools on how to strengthen a certain skill set.

5.      Change. Therapy can be a powerful, transformative process for some. All of us struggle with something (work, relationships, parents, interpersonal). For some, investing in therapy can help you make the changes you want to reach your relationship or life goals.

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